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What The explosion of digital imagery has created a totally new social framework. Of course, we know that not all photos are keepers. But we believe that some deserve more exposure than Facebook and Instagram can offer. In that spirit, we’re grateful that you’ve chosen to take a moment to keep that memorable experience alive. Here’s hoping it will inspire you to come back and add to your gallery.

How We think pictures should be as easy to frame as they are to take in the first place. So we’ve assembled a simple yet elegant way to do just that.

Simply upload a digital photo, tell us how big you want your print, choose a color of frame and let us do the rest.
We’ll professionally print, mat, frame, pack and ship the finished image to your door, complete with a hook and nail, perfectly crafted and ready to hang.

WHY So why choose us? We offer gallery quality printing and framing, conveniently online and with your pocketbook in mind. We take great pride in creating your framed print to the highest standards. We know the value of a memory and endeavor to treat yours with respect.

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Mike Malone

For those who appreciate a little narrative framework, the founder of Livestock grew up on a hazelnut orchard in Oregon. But he never quite saw himself as a farmer. He marched off to school at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania, worked on Wall Street, and tried his hand in the New York art scene. But he’s not a Civil War re-enactor, master of the universe, or any kind of artist. It turns out, in the big picture, he’s really just a framer at heart. Someone whose favored form of expression is helping other people express themselves as simply and cleanly as possible. That, in a nutshell, is the founding vision of Livestock. We practice the art of framing, so you can just focus on life.

Phil Bard By Artist Jim Riswold

I’ve worked with Phil Bard for 10 years.

After all these years, I can proudly say I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else. Phil is not a vendor; Phil is a collaborator.

I call my work absurd realism. Others call it perverse whimsy. Still others call it “a black hole sucking the life out of everything.”

Whether it’s absurd realism, perverse whimsy or “a black hole sucking the life out of everything,” Phil makes it the best looking absurd realism, perverse whimsy or “black hole sucking the life out of everything” imaginable.

Thank you, Phil.