Make Cherished Memories Last with a 13x16 Photo Frame

Make your most cherished memories last by putting them in a 13x16 picture frame.

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Surround yourself with your most precious memories.

If a photo makes you happy, it deserves a spot on your wall. And frankly, it deserves a beautiful picture frame with a size that perfectly encapsulates your precious memories.

Measured at 13x16”, our photo frames are a suitable size for showcasing your wedding photos, travel pictures children’s baby pictures, and other family photos. These 13x16 frames are hand-assembled using the highest quality wood, complete with eight-ply white matting that turns your favorite photos into gallery-like art pieces. With foam core backing and a custom tape finish, each 13x16 picture frame offers a finished look while protecting your favorite prints from dust. It’s the perfect tool to display your memories.

Design your gallery wall with the right picture frame sizes.

Creating a gallery wall and wondering what frame size is best for your 9x12 prints? It’s our 13x16 picture frame. It’s the perfect size to highlight your 9x12 photo—whether it’s a solo, couple, group, or family picture. It also suits event or movie posters in 9x12 prints.

With beautiful white matting, our 13x16 picture frames can be placed horizontally or vertically. That makes these frames your best bet when designing a gallery wall. That’s especially true when you want to achieve a minimalist, sleek & linear arrangement. Also, feel free to pair these 13x16 photo frames with our smaller or bigger picture frame sizes to create an eclectic style or salon-like gallery arrangement.

Each picture frame is handcrafted to perfection.

Our 13x16 frame is available in four frame colors. It is handcrafted from premium wood and features gallery-quality white matting. Each picture frame has acid-free foam core backing to ensure its durability. And to ensure it can withstand harsh sun rays and showcase your memories for years, it is fitted with a UV-protective acrylic front. Every element is mindfully crafted to create the best 13x16 picture frame for you.

We also offer a modern photo framing experience here at Livestock Framing. You can enjoy our full online picture printing and framing service in three simple steps:

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Get a picture-perfect 13x16 frame without all the fuss.

Gallery quality but without the hefty gallery price tags. That’s exactly what you get from Livestock Framing. Plus, with our no-fuss printing & framing services, you’ll have custom-framed printed photos in just a few clicks. Oh, and did we mention our free shipping? Place your order now for a 13x16 frame, and let us turn your photos into artwork today.
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Prices & Sizes

Gallery quality, not gallery prices. With six sizes to choose from, the selection process is simplified and the cost is straight forward. And shipping is always free.

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