The Importance of Hanging Family Photos in a Digital Age

We live in a digital age, where we frequently rely on technology to retain the memories we make with our family, such as photos on phones, laptops, USBs, and iCloud, but can we truly rely on these to protect our priceless memories? Although technology is generally dependable, how can we guarantee these files won’t become corrupted or lost? You’d be surprised at how frequently this can occur. Fortunately, there’s a better way to keep your precious family moments—that is to hang framed family photos in your house.

Setting a Beautiful Reminder of Your Family

Why not use the faces of your loved ones to light up a space? You can start by putting framed photos of your beautiful family on the wall. Family wall art not only adds extra decoration to your home but could also make a significant difference in your family dynamics by making everyone feel important. 

Benefits that can come from hanging framed photos of your family include:

  • Strengthening the bonds within your family.
  • Enabling you to impart your family’s heritage to future generations.
  • Can show the connection that exists in the family.
  • Helping in remembering your loved ones.

Creating Memories that Last Forever

You may reminisce on the past while flicking through those old photo albums or gazing at wall-mounted framed photo prints in your home. Everybody grows up and changes, but a picture lasts forever and catches a special moment in time. Time goes by more quickly than we all realize, and every framed photo on the wall is a memory & a tale passed down from generation to generation. It adds more sentiment when these stories can be told through framed family pictures, and your grandchildren can see what it was like.

Helping to Boost Your Child’s Confidence Level

Hanging framed family photos in your home has been proven by psychologists to be able to help your kids develop healthy levels of self-esteem. Seeing those framed family portraits allows them to embrace the fact that they belong and that they are valuable members of the family unit. 

Besides seeing framed photos of your family hanging on the wall, putting up the photo gallery will also help your child’s growth and development, especially if creating a ‘family wall collage.’ When they’re involved in a DIY project like this, they develop a sense of control and responsibility. So why not ask for their input on which pictures to hang, where to hang them, or help pick the photo frame colors to use for the family wall art? 

A family wall collage, otherwise known as a ‘gallery wall,’ is an assortment of framed pictures that go together closely on a wall to create one larger gallery of images. They’re an easy and fun way to take up a large empty space on a wall, making any room feel fully inhabited. 

If you want to know more about creating a gallery wall of framed photos, view our guide:

How to Make a Gallery Wall with Your Framed Pictures

Hanging family photos in your living room

Uplifting Your Mood 

We are sensory creatures who change our emotions and behaviors based on the things we see, taste, touch, or hear. So it’s no surprise that looking at photos such as framed wedding photos or your child’s baby pictures can bring upon fond memories that can uplift your mood and help you overcome difficult days.

Adding Extra Oomph to Any Space

On large vacant walls, you can hang family frame collages; the more, the merrier, we say. Large framed family photos can be hung in various locations, including the master bedroom, living room, kitchen, stairwell, corridors, playrooms, private offices, and more. We encourage you to explore different framing possibilities for these spaces. Here at Livestock Framing, we do just that. You can choose from our array of different frame sizes to showcase framed prints of your favorite family moments in any room.

Endless Image Possibilities at Livestock Framing

Choosing from the many possibilities available at Livestock Framing will make coming up with family photo frame ideas simple and easy. Use bold picture frames, thick white matting, or even frames that will enhance the colors of your home. Selecting the ideal frame for your priceless family pictures won’t be difficult because everything you possibly need is available at the touch of a button. With our online assistance, you can print and frame photos of your family without even stepping outside the comfort of your home

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