Framed Photo Gift: How to Pick the Perfect Photo from Your Camera Roll

Alt text: A gallery wall of custom framed photos at home

2021 has not been easy for most of us. Still, we can end this year with a sense of hope and gratitude. You can start by thinking of meaningful holiday gifts for your loved ones. You don’t have to pull out all the stops to get them a great gift. All it takes is to look at your camera roll, pick a perfect snap, get a custom picture frame online and hand the framed photo to them.

If you have tons of pictures on your phone, you might find it hard to choose the perfect photo for a framed photo gift for either a birthday or Christmas present. So, today, we’ve listed a few practical tips to help you.

   1. Pre-Select Photos That Pop Out 

It can take hours to check each photo on your camera roll. What you can do instead is quickly browse through your camera roll and select the images that pop out to you. There’s a reason these photos immediately stand out. That could be because the lighting is beautiful, or the images have a theme or setting that resonates with you. Whatever it is, one thing’s for sure: these photos will look amazing when framed and hung on the wall. 

Then, move those pre-selected photos to another album on your phone or laptop. That way, narrowing down your choices for a photo gift becomes faster and more manageable.

   2. Think Like a Photographer

As you go through the pre-selected images, get in the mindset of a photographer. Look for photos in focus (or creatively out of focus) and with clear lighting and great angles. Image resolution counts, too. Many images from your phone can be printed larger. Still, it’s best to choose photos that aren’t pixelated or blurry. If you can find a snap that’s both meaningful and amazingly photographed, then it’s the one that should be framed and gifted. 

   3. Keep the Recipient in Mind

Beyond photo quality, the content and theme of the photo are important factors, too. Make sure to pick a picture that matches the person. You can go for a snap of the two of you together, a special moment, or something they adore. You can’t go wrong with images from a wedding or holiday. For pet lovers, a custom-framed photo of their pet works, too.

A gallery wall of custom framed photos at home

Also, think of your loved one’s preferences on art or home design. Do they already have a gallery wall at home? Will your photo gift match the other framed images on that wall? What’s their personal style? Maybe, you need to pick a photo that looks like artwork. 

   4. Think Where the Framed Photo Gift Will be Hung

If your loved one isn’t the type to hang photos of smiling faces in their foyers, choose an image that will work with their space. Say they’re big fans of classic Hollywood films. Maybe, you could go for a custom-framed photo of a digitally printed retro movie poster. Download free posters online, save them in your “pre-selected” album, and include them in your final choices. Those framed posters could be great additions to their home office or studio.

Landscapes, seascapes, and abstract photos work for most people, too. Botanical prints and nature-inspired framed artwork are great options to hang in any kitchen or bedroom wall.

Framed photos of ocean waves and flamingo hung in a pink wall

   5. Don’t Forget About the Custom Picture Frames

Handing or sending framed photos to your friends and family is an uncomplicated task. All you need is gallery-quality framed prints that are delivered to your doorstep. This is where Livestock Framing steps in. We offer professional printing and framing services online. You can send us a photo online and choose from our four beautiful frame colors and six sizes. Each frame is hand-assembled, so expect top-quality frames—but not at gallery prices.

Now you know how to choose the perfect snap for a photo gift, go and start narrowing down the choices from your camera roll. Once you’re ready to have the picture printed and framed, use our custom picture framing tool. With this tool, you can see a preview of how the photo will look when printed with our high-quality papers and framed professionally. You can play around with our different frames to see which one works best for your photo gift. 

Once you’ve decided on the photo and the frame, we’ll do the rest. You can sit back and wait for the framed photo gift to arrive at your place or even straight to your loved one’s home.

We’d be happy to help with your Christmas shopping this year from the comfort of your home. Contact us if you have questions or concerns. 

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