How to Choose a Picture Frame Color for Your Gallery Wall


Sure, you could pick any frame to hang a picture on the wall. But if you want to make the images pop while complementing your interior space, your first priority would be to select the right photo frame color for your gallery wall. Here’s how to choose that perfect picture frame color. 

Read some tips on how to choose a picture frame color for your gallery wall

  • Check the undertones of the wall paint. 

Looking at the wall paint is a good starting point. Almost all paint colors are a combination of two or more colors; every shade has a mass tone & an undertone. The undertones are key to creating a cohesive gallery wall, as identifying them will help you choose the picture frame colors that best complement the wall.

Note that many colors that are usually considered cool- such as white and gray, actually have warm undertones. The best way to identify the undertones of your paint color is to compare it to the closest relative color. For instance, if you have a cream or off-white wall, use a color wheel or paint swatch to compare it to yellow or red. The closest match will indicate whether it has warm or cool undertones. 

Once you’ve determined the undertones of your wall paint, it’s time to choose frame colors. As a rule of thumb, silver frames are best paired with cool undertones, while gold frames complement paint colors with warm undertones. For instance, classic gold photo frames look amazing on gray walls with warm green undertones.

  • Choose a color from the picture.

Another way to choose the right picture frame color for a gallery wall is to take a cue from the photo itself. Select a frame color shown in the photo or artwork. If the dominant color in the image is red, go for a red photo frame or the closest shade. That will help accentuate a specific color and emit a feeling of display continuity.

Or – instead of selecting the dominant color in the photo, you can go the opposite way. Choose a frame color that matches a tiny shade within the picture. This method will help make the image pop, as the frame will not be the exact color as most of the picture.

  • Go for a bold effect by playing with contrasts.

What about selecting a frame color that is the complete opposite of that in the photo? That could work, too! Playing with complementary colors can help create a dramatic effect that draws the eye to the framed picture. One way to ensure not to create a cluttered feel to the gallery wall is to get a picture frame with a simple or sleek design but in a loud statement color that contrasts the colors of the photo. 

  • Consider other interior elements.

While the color of your wall and the colors on the picture are important, don’t forget to consider the tones of the other interior elements. Think about the base molding or floor, or identify the undertones of the couch and other furniture pieces near your gallery wall. You can select frame colors that match or contrast those undertones to create a gallery wall that fits perfectly in the space. 

  • Take the safe route with black or white photo frames.

Can’t pinpoint the undertones of your wall paint? Don’t want to make a bold statement with an opposite-colored photo frame? Take the safe route by picking simple black or white frames. They’re clean, classic and can make all colors within a picture pop, which can be dramatic for images with multiple shades. 

Plus, these neutral black and white frames are amazingly versatile. They work well with most wall colors and modern interior styles. For instance, pairing a sleek white wooden frame and white mat with a bright white wall won’t look dull at all! 

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