Best Places to Take Engagement Pictures in Los Angeles

Nothing pulls at our heartstrings more than hearing a couple say, “We have no good photos together.” And what better time to capture those amazing photos than your engagement? Especially when you find yourself in a place as dazzling as LA!

Whether you’re after urban flair, serene nature, or stunning beach views, LA has it all. Here’s a curated list of the best places for engagement photos in Los Angeles County. Discover the perfect setting for your prenup photos and capture those beautiful moments leading up to your wedding.

1. Santa Monica Pier – Santa Monica

Vibe: Beachy and Fun

A few minutes from the heart of Los Angeles, Santa Monica Pier offers a vibrant backdrop with its iconic Ferris wheel and bustling boardwalk. Capture your love with the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean, creating the perfect golden hour glow.

  • Pro Tip: Parking on the pier saves time, but arrive early to secure a spot.

Santa Monica Pier

2. Pasadena City Hall – Pasadena

Vibe: Elegant Architecture

With stunning Renaissance-inspired architecture, Pasadena City Hall in Los Angeles County is a picturesque setting for couples seeking a grand, historical backdrop. The beautifully landscaped grounds add a romantic touch perfect for those timeless shots.

  • Pro Tip: Check for event closures and plan your visit during the quieter weekday evenings.

3. Vista Hermosa Park – Downtown LA

Vibe: Urban Nature

This hidden gem in downtown LA, offering picturesque skyline views framed by lush greenery, is an ideal spot for engagement photography in Los Angeles. It’s perfect for couples who want a blend of nature and city vibes.

  • Pro Tip: Visit during sunset for spectacular lighting and less crowding.

4. El Matador Beach – Malibu

Vibe: Dramatic Coastal

For breath-taking seaside shots, visit El Matador Beach. It features stunning rock formations and dramatic cliffs, which can be a great backdrop for engagement pictures. Sunset here creates a truly magical setting as the light dances over the waves.

  • Pro Tip: Wear comfortable shoes, as the terrain can be tricky to navigate.

El Matador Beach

5. Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) – Mid-Wilshire

Vibe: Artistic and Urban

LACMA’s Urban Light installation is a popular choice for engagement photos, especially after dark when the light columns are dramatically illuminated.

  • Pro Tip: Consider a late evening shoot when the crowds have dispersed for a more intimate setting.

6. Union Station – Downtown LA

Vibe: Vintage Travel

With old-world charm and beautiful architectural details, The historic Union Station provides a unique backdrop that echoes tales of travel and adventure. 

  • Pro Tip: Early morning or late afternoon provides the best light and fewer crowds.

7. Venice Canals – Venice

Vibe: Quaint and Romantic

The Venice Canals offer a charming, quiet escape with beautiful bridges and waterways, reminiscent of Venice, Italy. It’s perfect for romantic and serene shots, making it one of the best places for engagement photos in Los Angeles County. 

  • Pro Tip: Late afternoon light provides a warm glow that enhances the dreamy atmosphere.

8. Topanga State Park – Topanga

Vibe: Panoramic Wilderness

Offering some of the best views of the Santa Monica Mountains, Topanga State Park is one of the most stunning engagement photo locations in Los Angeles. It’s perfect for couples who want panoramic vistas and a sense of adventure in their photos.

  • Pro Tip: Visit in the late afternoon for dramatic lighting and sunset views.

9. The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens – San Marino

Vibe: Cultured and Serene

The extensive grounds of The Huntington provide diverse backdrops, from European art galleries to expansive themed gardens. Each corner of this estate offers elegance and tranquility, ideal for a sophisticated photo session.

  • Pro Tip: Check the blooming schedule to align your visit with the most vibrant floral displays.

botanical gardens san marino

10. Eaton Canyon – Pasadena

Vibe: Natural and Wild

Eaton Canyon features a beautiful natural waterfall and surrounding trails that are perfect for couples looking for an adventure. The rugged terrain and flowing water create a lively and dynamic setting.

  • Pro Tip: Wear appropriate footwear for hiking and start early to avoid crowds at the waterfall.

11. Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden – Arcadia

Vibe: Lush and Tropical

With its prehistoric and jungle-like atmosphere, the LA County Arboretum offers a diverse array of plants and landscapes. It’s a breath-taking locale for vibrant and lush photographs.

  • Pro Tip: Visit during the week when it’s quieter to take full advantage of the varied environments.

12. The Japanese Garden – Van Nuys

Vibe: Serene and Styled

This authentic 6.5-acre Japanese garden is one of the most serene Los Angeles engagement shoot locations. With manicured landscapes, waterfalls, and wooden bridges, it offers a calm and beautifully controlled setting for reflective and peaceful engagement photos.

  • Pro Tip: Visit on a weekday to avoid crowds and capture tranquil moments without interruption.

13. LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) – Mid-Wilshire

Vibe: Modern Artistic

Besides the popular Urban Lights installation, LACMA’s modern architecture and art installations provide numerous creative opportunities for engagement photos.

  • Pro Tip: Explore the less crowded back sections of the museum grounds for unique architectural features.

14. The Last Bookstore – Downtown LA

Vibe: Eclectic and Urban

For book lovers and those who enjoy eclectic settings, The Last Bookstore offers a unique backdrop with rows of whimsical book arrangements and vintage décor. This iconic spot adds a quirky, intellectual touch to your engagement photos in Los Angeles.

  • Pro Tip: The store can be busy; schedule your shoot during less busy times like weekday mornings.

The Last Bookstore

15. Barnsdall Art Park – Hollywood

Vibe: Artsy and Historic

This lesser-known gem offers stunning views of the Hollywood sign and downtown LA skyline, along with unique art installations and Frank Lloyd Wright architecture.

  • Pro Tip: The park is relatively quiet, making it ideal for an intimate engagement photo session.

16. Exposition Park Rose Garden – Downtown LA

Vibe: Romantic and Floral

Surrounded by the Natural History Museum and other cultural landmarks, the Exposition Park Rose Garden is one of the most enchanting engagement photoshoot locations in Los Angeles. Its meticulously maintained rose beds and classic fountain center make it a picturesque setting.

  • Pro Tip: The best time to visit is spring and early summer when the roses are in full bloom.

17. Descanso Gardens – La Cañada Flintridge

Vibe: Tranquil and Botanical

Descanso Gardens offers peaceful landscapes, including a Japanese tea house, rose gardens, and a serene lake. This setting is perfect for couples seeking a blend of elegance and nature.

  • Pro Tip: Consider visiting during seasonal events like cherry blossom season.

18. Echo Park Lake – Echo Park

Vibe: Urban Natural

Echo Park Lake is famous for its beautiful lotus flower blooms and skyline views of downtown LA. The pedal boats also inject a fun element into engagement photos.

  • Pro Tip: Late afternoon offers softer lighting and vibrant sunset hues reflecting off the water.

19. Angel’s Gate Park – San Pedro

Vibe: Coastal Grandeur

Home to the iconic Korean Friendship Bell, Angel’s Gate Park offers sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean and rugged coastline. It’s a serene spot for those seeking a blend of cultural history and natural beauty.

  • Pro Tip: The park’s elevation provides excellent lighting in the late afternoon.

20. Silver Lake Stairs – Silver Lake

Vibe: Urban and Artistic

The colorful and artistically painted staircases in Silver Lake provide a unique and vibrant urban setting. Each staircase has a different theme, offering a range of backdrops within a compact area.

  • Pro Tip: Explore multiple staircases to capture various colorful and creative scenes.

Capturing Your Love Story

Each of these locations offers a distinct flavor of Los Angeles County. We hope you find the perfect setting for your engagement photo. Have you picked one already?

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