Frame Your Story Simply – Photographer Jessica Cantlin

Livestock Framing sat down with Jessica Cantlin, photographer and founder of the travel blog Feed My Wanderlust. Subscribing to the philosophy that less is more, Jessica has a unique ability to capture the quiet beauty of a vast landscape. And if you wish to purchase prints of her photography, Jessica’s work is available through her Livestock gallery.


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1) Your focus is primarily on landscapes. Of all the continents that you’ve visited, which has presented you with the best shots?

I have travelled all over the world, but I would have to say that the trip I took last year to the desert of northwest Argentina really made an impression on me. The landscapes were very dramatic and diverse, and we were utterly alone. It was a very peaceful and inspiring environment to shoot in. You can read about my trip in my travelogue on my website. I can’t wait to go back to South America.

2) You also trained in print-making. Has this changed your approach to photography?

I have been taking photographs my whole life, but I have spent the last five years learning how to make fine art digital prints of my images. It has been a fun experience that has brought a new dimension to my art. Learning the art of digital printing has made me think about color and contrast in a way that I had never really appreciated before. When I take a shot, I not only consider the subject of my image, but I also think about how the whole scene will render on paper. Additional decisions like the size of the print and the type of paper it is printed on dramatically affect how your image is perceived.

3) Serendipity or careful planning?

Serendipity. Always. I shoot outdoors and am always chasing the natural light, so the biggest factor that can make or break my work is the weather. You can never plan when it comes to the weather, so I don’t plan. I work with what I’ve got. Whether it’s fog, sun, rain, or clouds. All the elements can make or break a shot, but you have to be ready to embrace the elements that you are presented with.

4) What’s the one trip everyone should take this year?

It doesn’t matter where you go, but rather, that you think outside the box. I am celebrating a milestone birthday this year and am using it as an excuse to travel as much as possible. My college girlfriends wanted to go to the Big Island of Hawaii (again). I put the brakes on that trip and unilaterally (with their eventual blessing) decided to plan a road trip in the American Southwest (we may even rent a convertible). Going someplace you have never been and experiencing some of the places that are close by can often provide an incredible adventure, without the jet lag.



To see more of Jessica’s photography and read about her travels, visit her travel blog Feed My Wanderlust. And if you’d like to purchase prints of her work, you can visit her Livestock gallery.

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