Framing Photos from the iPhone

The iPhone is a truly revolutionary device, and it sports a truly powerful camera. Livestock interviewed photographer Phil Bard to get a sense for how he uses the camera on his iPhone 6, and to see if he’s had any of those photos printed & framed.

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You’re truly an Apple aficionado. How many Apple devices do you currently have?

I’ve had more than 25 over the years, but currently have 7 active ones.

It’s said the best camera is the one you’re carrying. Do you find that most of your photos are taken on the iPhone?

You could call it the best in the sense that it’s the one you always have and it’s quickest to use. I shoot professionally as well as for personal use, so often am using full size DSLR cameras or compacts, but I still take about half of my personal photos on my iPhone. It takes surprisingly good photos.

What surprises you most about the camera on the iPhone?

The sharpness that the lens delivers, and also the overall superb image quality the sensor and built in software produce. Current iPhone images are better than those of the best digital cameras from the early years of digital photography that cost over a thousand dollars at the time.

What’s the largest format print you’ve created from your iPhone 6?

24×32, and it didn’t have any pixelation to speak of.

Any recommendations for people looking to take better photos on their iPhone?

As the camera has improved remarkably starting with the iPhone 4s, acquiring the most recent phone you can will help the most. Current iPhone 6s images are amazing. Beyond that, look for good light on your subjects and take advantage of the image editing tools the iPhone provides to improve photos after you take them.

And finally, where can people view your photography online?

My fine art photography can be viewed on my website.

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