5 Tips to Frame Your Wedding Pictures

A couple hanging a framed wedding picture.wedding day

Whether you hired a professional photographer or had your cousin take photos during the big day, we bet you have some incredible shots from your wedding. Now, you want to preserve those photos & even use them as part of your home decor. But where do you start? Let us offer some help. Here are some tips to help you frame wedding photos.
Get the wedding shots worth framing.
If you can only frame one wedding photo, it should be this: a pulled-back photo of you and your spouse with the wedding venue in the background. But apart from that particular wedding shot, other snaps are worth framing, such as:

  • A photo of you and your spouse staring lovingly into each other’s eyes
  • An image where you are dancing with your spouse or your parent
  • First-look photos or must-have romantic shots captured when the couple sees each other for the first time on their wedding day
  • A wide & beautiful shot of the entire wedding party
  • Candid shots from the reception, including funny photos of your friends & family while they enjoy the wedding program

2. Choose how to display wedding photos in your home.

After finding the wedding photos to frame, decide on how to display these images. It depends on your taste and style: you can put two framed wedding photos on a bedside table or have a series of snaps displayed on top of your console table. But perhaps the most popular way to display beautiful wedding photos in a home is through a gallery wall. You can have a grid or linear arrangement for a crisp look. Want a fun or eclectic vibe? Create a salon-style wall filled with photos in different frame sizes.

3. Pick where to display the framed wedding photos.

You can display framed wedding pictures in any space, but certain areas are best for wedding photos. So if you’re wondering where to hang wedding photos in your house, consider the living room, bedroom, dining area, and entryway. In the bedroom, the wedding photos can be a visual reminder of that special day you shared with your spouse. On the other hand, having wedding photos in the entryway, dining room, or living area helps make your home warm and inviting.

Here are a few more tips: a single large wedding photo is best hung above a couch or at the end of a hallway. A mini gallery wall also looks great in the entryway. If you’re planning to frame a series of photos and display them in a grid or linear fashion, you should put them above the bed or in front of the dining table.

4. Lay out the collection on the floor first.

Already picked a spot? That’s great. But before hammering or drilling holes in your wall, try laying out your selected photographs on the floor first. This way, you can experiment with different arrangements before framing & hanging the photos.
See if there’s a picture that looks out of place. If there is one, take it out and replace it with another wedding photo or adjust the gallery arrangement without it. Laying the photos on the floor also helps you decide whether you should add more pieces or go for bigger or smaller frames. Use your phone to take a picture of different combinations & arrangements to ask your spouse or friends for feedback before making a final decision.

5. Order your wedding photo frames.

Once you’re satisfied with your photo selection, area of the display, and layout & arrangement, it’s time to get the frames that will elevate the look of your wedding pictures. You can pick a single frame color & style for a streamlined look. You can also mix it up, especially if you aim for an eclectic vibe for your gallery wall. It’s good to start with two to three frame colors or styles to ensure it won’t look chaotic.

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Make every day like your wedding day

With these tips, we hope we’ve helped you frame your wedding pictures and display them in your home to remind you how special your big day was. These pictures are more than decorations—they’re a symbol of your family’s new beginning.

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