Acrylic vs. Glass: Which Makes a Better Frame and Why?

For a long time, glass held the title of the preferred material for picture frames, prized for its transparency and robustness. However, the world of picture framing has seen significant changes, with acrylic, or plexiglass, gaining favor. This shift owes much to the advancements in acrylic’s quality, making it the top pick for many today. Yet, when it comes to the acrylic vs. glass debate, it’s about more than just looks or how well they protect your art.

Let’s explore why acrylic framing frequently outperforms glass in framing and what factors to consider when deciding between the two for your framing needs.

The Rising Star: Acrylic in Framing

Although acrylic has become increasingly popular in recent years, it’s not just about following a trend. Its advantages over glass stem from both physical and practical benefits.

  • Light and Easy: Acrylic photo frames are notably lighter than glass, easing the hanging process and minimizing the danger of accidents, which is particularly important for large or heavy pieces of art.
  • Tough and Safe: The resilience of acrylic against breakage offers a safer option for spaces shared with children or pets, protecting the artwork from potential harm caused by shattered glass.
  • Anti-Static and Archival Quality: Some acrylic varieties prevent static, preventing delicate materials like pastels or charcoals from adhering to the frame’s inside. Moreover, acrylic frames can be made to include acid-free options and protect against UV rays, thereby preventing the artwork from fading.
  • Clarity and Aesthetic Appeal: In terms of visual quality, modern clear acrylic frames can rival the clarity of glass, offering an unobstructed view of the art without the reflections or glare glass frames often produce.

The Timeless Appeal of Glass

Despite acrylic’s advantages, glass maintains its charm, appealing to those seeking a traditional look, particularly for historically significant pieces or those intended to bring a sense of antiquity.

  • Classic Aesthetic: Despite the rise of acrylic, glass retains a timeless elegance, especially suited for vintage or cherished family heirlooms where an authentic appearance is crucial.
  • Scratch Resistance: Glass’s resistance to scratches is a notable benefit, tolerating regular cleaning and handling more effectively than acrylic, thus remaining a steadfast option in low-impact settings.
  • Heft and Clarity: Some prefer the substantial feel of glass, associating it with quality. Advances have led to the development of museum glass, which reduces glare and enhances clarity, closely competing with the visual benefits of acrylic.

Choosing Between Glass and Acrylic

While glass retains its position for its elegance and scratch resistance, the evolution of acrylic presents a strong argument for its use in most framing situations.

Acrylic’s lightweight design makes it simpler to manage and mount, while it also lessens the chance of damage to the artwork and the mounting surface. This quality is what makes it particularly appealing for galleries, residences, and public areas where safety is essential. Besides that, acrylic is also a safer framing solution for home, child, and pet-friendly spaces.

Moreover, the aesthetic advancements of acrylic mean today’s frames offer a view that’s as clear as glass, without the bothersome glare or reflections. Yet, the final decision between acrylic and glass boils down to personal taste, the artwork’s requirements, and the look you’re aiming for. 

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