6 Tips Before Buying Picture Frames Online

Like most digital services, buying picture frames online may seem easy. You can order photo frames or have your photos professionally framed with just a few taps on your phone, but you might also feel overwhelmed by the tons of available options online. So to help narrow it down and make better choices for your home or office gallery wall, here are some tips before buying picture frames online.

  • Consider the photo size when picking a frame.

The size of your photograph can affect your framing options. Most framers have minimum and maximum print sizes that they can only accommodate. For instance, here at Livestock Framing, we have gorgeous photo frames for a 6×8” print size, 30×40” photo size, and anything in-between. What if you have a small picture? Here’s a workaround: consider adding wider matting to bypass frame size limitations.

While on the topic of print size, you should know how to measure your photo properly. Otherwise, it might look off once you place it on the frame you bought online. Start measuring by placing the picture in the orientation of how you’d like to display it on your wall. Then, measure its width and height (be mindful of whether you’re using inches or centimeters!). For digital photos that need to be printed, you have more flexibility on their size, as you can ask the printer to blow them up. Images with a higher resolution can be printed in larger sizes without losing quality. 

  • Decide between metal and wood picture frames.

Metal and wood are the most common material options for photo frames. Most metal frames are made from aluminum, a lightweight material that can be easily molded and colored to create custom styles. But there are multiple reasons we lean more into wood picture frames. For one, they are extremely long-lasting, and they are classic! They come in natural colors and never go out of trend; they can easily complement any home or office interiors. You can’t go wrong with wooden frames. 

  • Learn about matting.

The matting is a decorative lining added to a frame to complement or contrast the colors of your photo to help it stand out. It also helps make the display more dynamic since its opening works like a window through which you view the picture. But when you add a matting or matboard, you might have to go for a larger frame for your print. So be sure to consider that when browsing photo frame sizes. 

Also, learn about the matting quality before buying picture frames online. You’ll be pleased to know that we only use premium, eight-ply white matting for all our photo frames. We have it custom-cut & beveled to deliver a gallery-quality appearance. 

  • Pick between glass or acrylic for the frame cover.

The cover is a crucial part of any photo frame. It protects your printed photo while allowing you to view the piece easily. Typically, it’s either made from glass or acrylic.

A glass picture frame cover is a traditional choice, even if it’s the most fragile. Sure, it’s less susceptible to scratching, but it can still easily break. Acrylic is more durable and lighter than glass; no wonder it’s becoming the new popular frame cover choice. 

Acrylic is our choice here, too. Our wooden photo frames come with UV-protective acrylic. It helps protect your print from sun damage without sacrificing clarity. 

  • Don’t forget about backing.

While backing doesn’t directly impact a photo frame’s aesthetics, it’s worth considering because it can help protect your photo. If you choose top-quality backing, you can expect your framed photo to last for years or even decades.

Compared to cardboard and plastic, foam core backing is the better choice. It’s lightweight and easy to cut, so it’s ideal for any frame size. Plus, foam core can be acid-free—just like what we use for our photo frames here at our company.

Acid-free foam core backing will help preserve your photo and ensure it’ll look great for many years to come. 

  • Consider the buying experience.

Buying picture frames online is hassle-free—but only if you do it through a reliable shop. Here at Livestock Framing, we don’t simply sell photo frames online. More specifically, we offer convenient online photo printing and framing services.

We believe pictures should be as easy to frame as they are to take in the first place. That’s why we’ve created a simple yet elegant way to do that. All you have to do is upload a photo on our website and select a photo frame color & size. After that, you just need to do one more thing: wait for the framed photo to arrive at your doorstep. 

With our top-notch printing capabilities and framing experience, you can count on elegantly framed photos to hang in your living room or office. Place your order now.

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