8 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom with Framed Prints

Want to experiment with a gallery wall? Your bedroom is the perfect space for that! You can be braver and more creative in decorating this space as it’s more personal than other areas in your house. Do you need design inspiration? Here are some creative ways to decorate a wall with photo frames in your bedroom. 

  • Set a relaxing mood for sleep.

The wall above your headboard is one of the best spots to build a gallery wall, and it gives you a chance to set a relaxing or calming mood for sleep. You can choose soothing images like black-and-white art, minimalist slogans, or dramatic pictures of the beach, and mount them in sleek black frames with white matting. Also, try hanging frames in a linear fashion to create that symmetrical and relaxing vibe. 

  • Be dramatic with black.

Looking for the perfect picture frame for your bedroom wall? Black photo frames or gold photo frames with black matting create some drama. So if that suits your taste or style, go and choose your best wedding photos or most memorable holiday pictures and frame them with a black theme in mind. This gallery wall idea also works well if you have an industrial bedroom design. A good mix of black, gold, wood, and metal can create a cohesive look.

  • Match the photos with your cushions.

Want to hang framed photos on the wall above your bedroom couch? Create a cohesive theme by matching the photos with your throw pillows. For instance, pick beach photos to frame if you like having tropical prints for the cushions on your bedroom sofa. If you have pillows in different sizes, make an interesting contrast by choosing frames in similar sizes and keeping them spaced evenly on the wall. The bottom line is to use your cushions as a starting point to build a theme for your gallery wall. 

  • Hang framed photos above your dressing table.

If there’s another good spot to hang your framed photos, it’s above your dressing table. It’s a clever way to add an accent wall idea to your bedroom. Plus, you can use this as an opportunity to put up photos that will best energize you for the day. You can even add a few framed motivational or inspirational quotes. To truly make your accent wall pop, go for a dark shade of paint, like an intense blue or emerald for the wall and choose white or black photo frames with white matting. 

  • Put up framed pictures on the corner wall.

Do you have a corner wall in your bedroom that looks dull? You can spruce it up by creating a nine-square arrangement using sleek wooden picture frames with large, white matting. You can build up a theme or be random; the nine-square arrangement looks chic, so it will likely elevate any picture you choose to hang on your corner wall. Go the extra mile by adding a cool armchair, console table, or dresser next to your nine-square gallery.

  • Mix and match different mediums.

Your bedroom gallery wall doesn’t need to be merely pictures. You can also add framed artwork, mirrors, decorative plates, and other pieces that go well together. Worried about it looking too random? Don’t be. You can ensure the gallery wall looks put together by curating pieces with similar themes or elements like blue/gray tones. When hanging them on the wall, start with the largest frame. That’s your focal point, which will help you find the perfect balance or contrast between the photos.

  • Create an eclectic bedroom gallery wall.

Whether you mix and match mediums or stick to only photos, you can create an eclectic gallery wall for your bedroom. Simply mix up frames of different sizes. Then, follow a salon style for the arrangement; you can be random about the placement and spacing between framed photos. You can also hang some horizontally and others vertically. With an eclectic wall, pieces don’t have to be matchy-matchy.  An eclectic bedroom gallery wall can add a unique and visually appealing touch to your property styling. Mix and match artwork – Choose a variety of artwork pieces in different styles, sizes, and mediums. This can include paintings, prints, photographs, and even three-dimensional objects like masks or sculptures. Consider a theme or color scheme: While eclectic style allows for diverse elements, having a cohesive theme or color scheme can help tie the gallery wall together. You can choose a specific color palette or a theme like nature, travel, or abstract art.

  • Go for classic black-and-white photos.

If you want to create a timeless gallery wall for your bedroom, choose to frame black-and-white photos. The vintage effect of such pictures will stand out for years, even if you redecorate or redesign your bedroom every season. It’s one of the safest & most effective photo-on-wall ideas for any bedroom. 

It’s time to decorate your bedroom wall.

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