5 Quick Tips For Wedding Dress Photography

Out of all the pictures you take on the wedding day, the bride’s dress is inarguably one of the most important to capture. Whether it has a unique story, a special reason for selection, or simply stands out, it’s the dress she has chosen for her big day. That’s exactly why mastering wedding dress photography is a must. 

Whether you’re a budding wedding photographer or the loved one responsible for documenting the big day, you must ensure the wedding dress gets its ample time in the spotlight. Today, we’ll share tips on how to shoot wedding dress pictures that will wow everyone! We’ll also throw in some common mistakes you must steer clear of. 

1. Be Creative in Making the Dress Shine

The bride’s dress is often the centerpiece of the wedding day—it deserves to be showcased in all its glory. Look for creative ways to make the dress stand out, such as using natural light to highlight its intricate details or positioning the bride in a way that accentuates the dress’s silhouette. You can also shoot it by itself, but where and how to hang a wedding dress for photos? You can hang it by a window, on the tree (if it’s going to be a garden wedding), or in any other spot where it could stand out against an equally visually pleasing backdrop. 

Want to make the wedding dress appear luminous and ethereal? One effective technique is to use a reflector or off-camera flash to create a subtle glow around the dress. Additionally, consider incorporating elements like flowers, jewelry, or the bride’s veil to add depth and interest to your standalone wedding dress shots.

2. Capture Every Detail

The devil is in the details when executing a wedding dress photoshoot. Pay attention to the littlest things and capture every aspect of the dress, from the intricate beadwork and embroidery to the delicate lace patterns and the train’s elegant flow. Start by photographing the dress from various angles, including the front, back, and sides. But don’t miss out on getting close-up shots of the dress’s unique features, such as the neckline, sleeves, or buttons. These detailed shots can be used to create a stunning album spread or a gallery wall showcasing the wedding’s best moments.

3. Photograph the Bride in the Dress

While taking shots of the dress itself is essential, don’t forget to photograph the bride wearing it. These shots will showcase the dress’s intricate beauty while capturing the bride’s joy, excitement, and emotional connection to the garment.

Encourage the bride to move and pose naturally, allowing the dress to flow and move with her. Also, snap candid moments as she interacts with her bridesmaids or family members, creating a sense of intimacy and authenticity in your shots.

Want to elevate your photos of the bride in the dress? Scout interesting locations beyond the typical getting-ready room or church. Look for textured backdrops, architectural elements, or outdoor settings that complement the style and details of the dress. For instance, an industrial loft space, historic building, or scenic garden can provide a fresh, editorial-style backdrop for your bride-in-the-dress shots.

4. Experiment with Lighting and Perspectives

To create truly captivating wedding dress photos, don’t be afraid to experiment with unique perspectives. Step outside your comfort zone and try shooting from above, below, or even through reflective surfaces like mirrors or windows. For example, you could lie on the ground and shoot upwards to capture the full length of the dress against an interesting backdrop like a dramatic staircase or architectural elements. These unconventional angles can add depth, drama, and interest to your shots, transforming a simple dress photograph into a work of art. 

Incorporate creative lighting, too. Lighting plays a huge role in setting the mood and enhancing the details of the wedding dress. Look for opportunities to use creative off-camera lighting setups like backlighting or side lighting to make the dress pop. You could also experiment with light painting techniques or use prisms and reflectors to create interesting light patterns and lens flare effects.

5. Tell a Story

Wedding dress photography is more than about capturing a beautiful garment; it’s also about telling the story of the bride’s journey to this momentous day. Look for opportunities to incorporate personal touches and meaningful details into your shots.

For example, you could photograph the bride’s shoes, jewelry, or a special heirloom that holds sentimental value. These small details can add depth and emotion to your images, creating a narrative beyond the dress’s elegance itself.

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Bonus Tip: Avoid These Common Wedding Dress Photography Mistakes

  • Shooting in cluttered backgrounds

A cluttered or distracting background can take away from the beauty of the dress. Be mindful of your surroundings and look for clean, simple backdrops that allow the dress to be the star of the shot. If shooting indoors, consider using a plain wall or hanging a backdrop to create a clean, distraction-free environment.

  • Neglecting the bride’s emotions

While the dress is the focus, you must also capture the bride’s emotions and expressions. How she interacts with her dress, whether it’s a look of pure joy or a tender moment as she adjusts the train, can add depth and story to your shots. While shooting, you can also ask the bride some questions about the wedding dress or the story leading to her special day to allow them to fully feel their emotions.

  • Failing to Plan 

Wedding dress photography often happens during a hectic time on the wedding day, so it’s essential to plan properly. Discuss with the bride any specific shots or details she wants to be captured, and scout potential locations beforehand. This preparation will help you work efficiently and not miss important shots.

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