Kristina Plummer – Hook & Nail Gallery Event

Kristina Plummer is the photographer behind the Instagram feed Bulldog Stuff. We sat down with Kristina to inquire about the best way to capture a bulldog on camera. She’s also participating in Livestock’s upcoming Hook & Nail event.

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1) So how many bulldogs do you have exactly?

Two of my bulldogs live with me, Bodhi (2) & Butters (1), and the original bulldog who started the Instagram craze, Bubbah (9), lives with my ex. Fortunately I still get to see him and watch him from time to time.

2) What is their favorite spot in the NW?

Bulldogs are typically known to be quite lazy and stubborn, but we recently camped at Beacon Rock and they played in the river & creek the entire time.

3) When taking photos of dogs, serendipity or careful planning?

I’d say 50/50. Some of our most popular photos are just captured during the most lazy times – mostly because they have the sweetest little cuddly faces. However, some of the best photos happen after a long walk when they’re tired and their panting makes it look like they’re the happiest dogs in the world (and I hope they really are).

4) Do your dogs enjoy being dressed up?

No. Unless treats are involved, then they will certainly tolerate it.

5) Is there a time of day or a moment that’s particularly good for photographing pets?

With my boys, usually right when I wake up – they’re still sleepy and lazy enough that I can sometimes manipulate the lighting and still capture the moment. I have great natural light in my room and the perfect decor to take more staged photos.

To learn more about Livestock’s Hook & Nail event, click here.

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