Nick Greener – Hook & Nail Gallery Event

Nick Greener is a Portland-based photographer who is participating in Livestock’s upcoming Hook & Nail gallery event. We sat down with Nick to discuss his approach to photography, and how he’s so adept at capturing a night sky.

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1) What about the Pacific Northwest stands out to you most as a photographer?

I don’t think it’s possible to pick a single favorite aspect, which I guess in some capacity indirectly answers the question. I would have to say the variety of amazing places is what makes the Pacific Northwest such a special place. You have everything just within arms reach: Mountains, old growth forests, waterfalls galore, coastal ranges, lakes and so much more. As both an adventurer and photographer, the biggest challenge for me is deciding where to go next.

2) You’re very adept at capturing natural light, particularly at night. How do you approach this?

The trick to capturing great moments in low light situations is shooting on a tripod. Playing with the shutter speed while your camera is mounted gives you great flexibility for most low-light situations. Night photography is something I’ve always admired, and definitely something that takes patience and plenty of practice.

3) Is there a season that makes for the best photographs?

Probably a toss up between spring and fall. Waterfalls and greenery are amazing in the spring, but it’s tough to beat the variety of leaf color and chasing pockets of fog in autumn. With that said, there are perks that come with every season and part of the fun is planning shoots for each season.

4) Serendipity or careful planning?

Always a good mix of both, but never none of either. Planning for me involves bringing the right gear, figuring out trails/routes/parking, and the potential lighting situation of what I intend to shoot based on time of day. However, you always have to act in the moment and capture what you find and rarely ever do things work out exactly as planned. I always try to have fun with it. I think it requires the ability to adapt to the situation instead of approaching it with a shot list.

5) What’s something new you’ve learned about photography this year?

There are quite a few skills and tricks that I’ve picked up. The biggest thing for me has probably been developing a consistent look and style, which I’m pretty happy about. Although, there is always room for improvement and new things to learn.

 To learn more about Livestock’s Hook & Nail event, click here.

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