Photographer Jessica Selig – Hook & Nail Gallery Event

Jessica Selig is a Portland-based photographer who is participating in Livestock’s upcoming Hook & Nail gallery event. We sat down with Jessica to discuss her approach to photography, and what makes the Pacific Northwest such a great place to shoot.


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1) Much of your work documents the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. What are your favorite places to shoot?

I love all the different terrain the Northwest has to offer: the coast, the mountains, the waterfalls, the deserts, etc. However, my favorite place to shoot is definitely in a forest. Forests are where I feel most at home and there is nothing like walking through a forest on a cool, foggy morning. I can spend a whole day meandering through a forest and taking photos. I’m an avid hiker so on any weekend you can find me on a trail in either the mountains or the gorge, but this past year I’ve been trying to explore places in Oregon I haven’t seen yet. Recently I went to the Wallowas for the first time and I think next on my list is the Alvord Desert and Steens Mountain. There is also much more exploring I’d love to do in Washington, especially the North Cascades. The Northwest is exceptionally beautiful and photogenic so I feel lucky it is my home.

2) And is there a season or a time of day that makes for the best photographs?

Fall is definitely my favorite season, especially for photographing. The changing color of the trees, the foggy mornings, and the sunrises in the fall all make wonderful photo opportunities. Oh, and the mushrooms! Lately I’ve been obsessed with finding mushrooms on my hikes and trying to figure out different ways to capture them. As far as best time of day, my favorite times to shoot are when the light is low, like early morning or late afternoon.

3) Serendipity or careful planning?

Serendipitous shots are exciting, for sure.  But I believe you can get great shots through careful planning as well.  Both have the ability to be rewarding.  If you’re asking which I prefer, then serendipity.

4) What’s something new you’ve learned about photography in the past month?

This month I’ve been challenging myself to put the camera down and just observe. I’m usually eager to just start shooting when I see a beautiful landscape. But now I’m taking the time to really pay attention to what exactly it is I want to capture about this landscape, about this moment.

5) Can you describe the best photo you didn’t take?

Recently I was at an amazing tree farm and I would have loved to take a photo of someone running through the trees. Unfortunately it is private property so we were only able to capture photos standing just outside the property line. Next time I will have to get permission to shoot inside the tree farm.


To learn more about the event, click here for details.

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